The Waterside Coalition is organized to bring together  the talents, resources, and skills of people in the community in order to increase their collective power, making Waterside a better place to live and work.

Waterside Coalition is a  grass roots umbrella organization, including representatives of neighborhood associations, other concerned residents, business and community leaders who meet monthly to identify issues of mutal concerns and work together to improve the Waterside community.

This website will be a information warehouse for all Waterside's constituents. We will link you to :


The Coalition welcomes the participation of all Waterside residents and businesses  who are concerned about key issues and want to work with other residents, local businesses, and city officials to impact the Waterside community.

Waterside Coalition Inc.
P.O. Box 113214
Stamford, CT 06911
Phone/Fax (203) 274-7597 

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