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Board of Directors

Virgil de la Cruz   -  Chair
Richard Warren   -  Treasurer
David Bonney         
Neal Dalessio        
Tim Densky 
Rick Fedeli                        
Sandra Herring                 
Michael Hyman 
Elaine Mitchell                 
Nathaniel Taylor                
Debora Young                  

"Waterside Works " Diversity Fest VIII 2018


Michele A. Layton, Chair
Virgil de la Cruz
Kathy Harrison
Anthony Kendall
Lisa Kendall
Sandra Rossini
Richard Thomas
Deborah Young

Special Events Coordinator

Lisa Kendall


Brief History

Following a 1998 Community Summit, a group of interested community leaders and residents began meeting regularly to discuss their common neighborhood concerns. With the support of a community organizer hired in 1998 by the Stamford Partnership to work with this group, the Waterside Coalition began its first organized efforts to effect neighborhood change and improvement. Redevelopment of Southwood Square brought new residents to this area, while both existing and new business owners have added their perspectives over time. Now, the Waterside Coalition's newsletter and monthly meetings afford the opportunity to learn about proposed business expansion, zoning issues, city projects and community services.

Purpose of the Waterside Coalition

The groups overall mission includes economic development, neighborhood revitalization and communications with the community.  Monitoring neighborhood blight, roadway conditions, and zoning infractions, and our park and neighborhood beautification program are some of the ways we raise the quality of life for residents and businesses in the Waterside.

Who represents  the Waterside Coalition?

People just like you and me.  It consists of the following groups and organizations:

  • ABBDS ( Amelia, Betts, Bonner, Durant, & Selleck Streets)
  • Cummings Point Association
  • Davenport Point Association
  • Dolphin Cove Association
  • Gallant  Cove Association
  • Stamford Landing Association
  • Southfield Point Association
  • Southfield Village Residents Council
  • Waterside Green Condo Association

About Waterside

Waterside is distinguished from other Stamford neighborhoods and communities due to its rich natural resource, the Long Island Sound. Waterside is bound to the north by Interstate-95, to the West by the Greenwich town line, and to the East by the west branch of the Stamford Harbor.

Waterside is comprised of a mix of residential properties, office complexes, light manufacturing and commercial enterprises. The Waterside Coalition and local leaders are working hard to improve the community's image and enhance our quality of life.

Waterside Coalition Inc
P.O. Box 113214
Stamford, CT 06911
Phone (203) 274-7597 
Fax  (203) 274-7598

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