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Waterside Coalition is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to working on issues that are important to the community.

Select Donation form, print, complete form, then mail to: 

Waterside Coalition Inc.
P.O. Box 113214
Stamford, CT 06911



            Provides program and services for:  children & youth, counseling & prevention, family & community, older adults, and the workplace.  Located at 60 Palmers Hill Road, Stamford, CT 06902 and telephone number is (203) 324-3167.



Did you know?


As a minority blood donor, you may have the unique ability to help patients with special needs. Many African Americans, for example, have rare blood types, such as U-negative and Duffy-negative, which are distinctive to their community. Because of this, an African-American patient with sickle cell anemia is less likely to have physical reactions to blood donated from other African Americans.


Some African-American patients have rare blood types like U-Negative or Duffy Negative. Because these types are rarely found in other ethnic groups, patients with these rare types must depend on other African Americans to supply this life saving blood.


Increasing minority donations is important because blood types O and B - the types of about 70 percent of African Americans are the blood types most in demand. Those types are the first to run out during a blood shortage.

African Americans are also at greater risk than Caucasians for cancer, heart disease and birth complications - all of which often require blood transfusions.

5% of the eligible population donates only 1% of the population is African American.

Dr. Charles Drew was an African American surgeon, researcher and educator, also known as the father of modern blood banking. The American Red Cross blood program of today is a direct result of the work of medical pioneer Dr. Charles Drew, beginning in 1940 and throughout World War II. Dr. Drew was instrumental in developing blood plasma processing, storage and transfusion therapy. His groundbreaking work in the large-scale production of human plasma was eventually used by the U.S. Army and the American Red Cross as the basis for blood banks.

The Women's Business Development Center (WBDC):

The Women's Business DevelopmentCenter (WBDC) is the leader of Entrepreneurial Training for Women in Connecticut.

WBDC a non-profit micro-enterprise development organization whose goal for the past 12 years remains consistent -to increase economic independence for women (men too!) through entrepreneurial training. WBDC teaches, counsels, hosts workshops and seminars to individuals who want to start a small business or are already a small business owner. In addition WBDC offers career assistance, networking, and access to applicable resources. Such programs include; eight week business planning classes, workshops on how to become a certified women owned business,marketing plan development series, workshops to learn how to access capital to grow a small business as well as one-on-one counseling with experts in small business on the subjects of human resources, tax issues, contractual agreements - just to name a few.

WBDC Mission We educate, motivate and empower women to become economically self-reliant through entrepreneurship and expanded career opportunities, thereby creating jobs and enhancing community vitality.

To learn more visit or call 1-877-999WBDC (9232) or (203) 353-1750. 

Spring Schedule - Stamford locations

WBDC description

Member Forum Invite



Federal Grants - Congressman Jim Himes  (select for more information):

Contact information for Federal Grants Agencies:

  • HUD:

Speaker - Suzanne Piacentini, Director of Conneticut Multifamily Programs.

(860) 240-4800 or (860) 240-9702.

  • SBA:

Speaker - Bernard M. Sweeney, District Director

(860) 240-4670.

  • SBIR:

Speaker - Merrie London, Manager CT Center for Advanced Technology.

  • FairfieldCounty Community Foundation:

Speaker - Karen Brown, Vice-President of Programs

  • City of Bridgeport Central Grants Office:


Speaker - Alanna Kabel


  • DOT:

Speaker - Charlie Barone, Bureau Chief of Policy

-Phillip Scorronzzo, Manager CT DOT Office of the Commissioner

(860) 594-2007/fax (860) 594-3065



Making College Affordable - Wright Tech

Gov. Rell is committed to making Wright Tech the flagship school of her new "Middle College" initiative.  If you know of a family or young person who wants to go to college, but has limited funds or is in a hurry to finish college and get started on their career,  this is a great program.  Go to high school and earn college credits in some of classes.  What could be better.

Flyer in  English

Flyer in Spanish
Waterside Neighborhood Compliance Committee - Request for Service Form

Congressman Jim Himes
: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act


On February 18, 2009 Congressman Jim Himes joined the Stamford Partnership and neighborhood organizations to discuss the Economic Recovery Act for Connecticut held at Purdue Pharma auditorium



  1. $3.5 million will save and create jobs with the recovery and reinvestment act.
  2. Connecticut :

            -     41,000 job save.

-         $1.35 million tax cut ($800 tax rebate).

-         $500 million improve transportation infrastructure.

-         $500 million to help state and local government.

-         $30,000 additional tax credit for college students.

-         $1 billion in grants and direct investment to communities and schools.

- Stamford $8 million.

  1. Distribution:

Formula – allocated by formula (example -Medicaid).

           Competition – competitive grant (example - Community Block Grant).

           Demand  – Eligible individual apply directly for the benefits 

                            (example – tax cut, food stamp, COBRA).

                        – One-time distribution (direct payments from program.

                           (example – social security and veterans).

        Agencies – existing programs within federal agencies.

(example – environmental clean-up, defense programs).

  1. JH-Overview Recovery & Reinvestment Act pg1
  2. JH-Overview Recovery & Reinvestment Act pg2
  3. JH-Recovery & Reinvestment Act-21st Century Jobs
  4. JH-Recovery & Reinvestment Act-Create Jobs
  5. JH-Recovery & Reinvestment Act-Energy Efficient
  6. JH-Recovery & Reinvestment Act-Health Care
  7. JH-Recovery & Reinvestment Act-Infrastructure


Waterside Coalition Inc
P.O. Box 113214
Stamford, CT 06911
Phone/Fax (203) 274-7597 

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